Mar 25, 2022

Common Myths About Lip Fillers

Cosmetic surgeries are always surrounded by myths. The same goes for lip injections. Here are some of the most common myths about lip fillers:

It’s a Painful Process

You may have heard that dermal fillers cause pain. This is not true. Most of the patients don’t experience pain at all. Some patients may experience slight pain during or after the surgery, but this pain can easily be removed by icing the lips. 

Any Lips Filler Will Work for Your Lips 

Make no mistake; you should never get caught in the myth that any type of lip filler will work fine for your lips. Fillers can be reversible and irreversible. If you apply an irreversible lip filler, then this can cause problems and you will require surgery to remove the filler. 

Reversible fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane are reversible and safe for your lips. 

Lip Fillers Always Make Your Lips Duck Shaped 

If you are choosing an experienced aesthetic expert, then you will never get duck shaped lips after the cosmetic procedure. Professionals ensure that your lips look more enhanced and appealing after the treatment. Lack of proper knowledge and expertise can lead to such issues. 

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